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Welcome to the Age of Online Mediations

Distant parties now have an easy and quick way to connect with an online mediator to resolve their disputes. Save time, save gas, save money, and mediate online, instantly!

New to Online Mediations? How it Works.

Find Your Mediator

Find your online Mediator near you or choose one from the Instant Mediators featured on this website applying the criteria you wish: area of specialization, gender, mediation style, language. 

Schedule & Book  

Go to the chosen Mediator page on this website and schedule your mediation checking the Mediator’s availability. Book the mediation with a calendar provided by this Mediator or by contacting the Mediator’s office directly. 

Pay Online or In-Person

Once the Mediation date is confirmed pay the Mediator online using the details provided by the Mediator for the online payment. 

Mediate Online

At the scheduled date and hour of mediation connect easily to your online mediation clicking your START MEDIATION button on this website or using the link to mediation provided to you by the Mediator in the email. 

Sign Agreement

When your mediation ends up with a Mediated Settlement Agreement, your Mediator will send you the document of the agreement to sign electronically. Follow the instructions on and place your signature with your finger on the screen of your device.

Find Your Perfect Mediator

Coming Soon - InstantMediations App

Coming Soon - InstantMediations App

The web application with features that help parties connect with mediators quickly and intuitively from anywhere, anytime.