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InstantMediations connects parties facing difficult legal cases with online mediators around the world effortlessly through modern technology like Zoom video communications. InstantMediations became a leader in the middle of the 2020 pandemic for the promotion of effective out-of-court conflict resolution through video in the age of global lockdowns.

Promote Effective Online Mediations

An online mediation is not just about pushing buttons on a screen. We concern ourselves with global standards that further productive, safe, and secure remote mediations.

Prepare Online Mediation Clients

We equip online mediation clients wanting resolution to their legal disputes with expert knowledge and information to raise their chances of entering settlement and concluding their matter.

Train Online Mediators

We partner with dispute resolution experts to offer year-round synchronous and asynchronous online training to educate on best practices for helping mediation parties resolve their conflicts.

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Mediating Disputes Over Kids During Covid-19 with Fran Brochstein

Fran Brochstein with Mac and Natalia expands on different topics connected with how the families are affected by Covid-19 and how it intersects with the visitation schedules as well as parental rights. We see different scenarios and ways to deal with some of the most troubling issues the parents strive […]

How Specific Should Mediation Agreements Be With Tye Bourdony

Tye Bourdony discusses with Mac and Natalia different situations when what exactly is stated in the Mediated Settlement Agreement (MSA) is of vital importance. Being in mediation you need to be aware of what is the subject of the talk and what you ultimately insert into your MSA and also […]

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Once the mediation date is confirmed, pay your Mediator online or in-person. Start your online mediation by clicking the START MEDIATION button on this website or by visiting the link or ID number provided by your Mediator. 

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If your mediation ends with an agreement, your Mediator may send you the agreement to sign electronically. Follow the instructions and sign with your finger or stylus on your device, or type-sign as appropriate.