7 Realities on What it’s Like to be a Divorced or Separated Parent With Kids

Lawyer and Mediator Fran Brochstein, of Familylaw4u.com, discusses with Mac and Natalia from OPLawyes.org and InstantMediations.com on video, 7 legal realities of what it’s like to be the divorced or separated parents of children. These 7 points include:

1. You will not have the children for all holidays.

2. You have no control on what happens at your ex’s home.

3. You cannot bad-mouth the other parent or family so the child can hear it. It will only hurt the child.

4. If you are mentally and physically “the best you could be,” then the child will benefit by seeing healthy behavior modeled.  

5. You should always take the “high road” when interacting with your ex, remembering that your child is watching. 

6. If you love you kid, you’ll need to put the child first & parents second.  

7. Your child will love both of you.