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The Future of Online Mediations

The Instant Mediations App is the bridge that connects parties, lawyers, and online mediators by providing a neutral starting point to begin the online mediation process. This free App provides mediation participants an overview of what one might expect when mediating online. It also provides mediators access to tools and training to help make their clients’ online experiences productive. 

A companion to the website, this App brings much of the information on Instant Mediations to the convenience of a mobile app, so participants can start their mediation from anywhere when away from a computer. This App does not build in Zoom or other video conferencing SDKs, but remains platform-neutral to help mediators use any tool they find meets their clients’ needs.

Mediation Hub

Participants and mediators can quickly connect.

Access Mediators

Mediators can get found quickly

Participant Help

Participants benefit from self-help guides

Mediator Tools

Mediators can access tools to help their online mediations.


Mediators can connect with like-minded mediators worldwide.

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