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The Instant Mediations App is the bridge that connects parties, lawyers, and online mediators by providing a neutral starting point to begin the online mediation process.

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This free App pulls together a mediator directory, podcasts, videos, articles, and trainings to help parties and their mediators reach success. A companion to the website, this App brings much of the information on Instant Mediations to the convenience of a mobile app, so participants can start their mediation from anywhere when away from a computer. This App does not build in Zoom or other video conferencing SDKs, but remains platform-neutral to help mediators use any video-communication tool they find meets their clients’ needs.

The InstantMediations Vision

Imagine one morning finding yourself in a legal dispute with a business owner, a landlord, or a co-parenting ex. Then imagine opening a mobile app that helps you find, book, and pay an agreed online mediator. Finally, imagine joining your opponent and the online mediator via a Zoom, Google Meet, WebEx, or Microsoft Teams video meeting and resolving your dispute in full, all in time for dinner.
There's no need to imagine anymore. The above scenarios are already possible through and its mobile app, all for free. IM promotes the use of modern technology to facilitate convenient and time-saving online mediations.
Potential mediation parties should download the app to learn about online dispute resolution, find a mediator, and quickly start their scheduled mediation session. Online mediators should download to promote their brand, facilitate the launch of online mediation sessions, and connect with online mediation trainers to help fine-tune the mediation skills needed to become expert practitioners.

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