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Training Excellent Mediators Through Roleplay Simulations With Thomas G. Giglione

Thomas G. Giglione shares more thoughts on training mediators through roleplay simulations, including helping organizations deal with conflicts by applying alternative dispute resolution practices with the help of a trained mediator. Learn more about Thomas’ successes, including helping his mediator students place gold at the 2019 Mediation Competition at the […]

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Mediations In the Times of Pandemic

APRIL 2021 – Three prominent mediator trainers from Florida, Virginia, and Vietnam, joined Instant Mediations to discuss the changes that have occurred in the filed of mediations specifically and alternative dispute resolution in general, as well as the changes that continue to occur due to the pandemic-induced lockdowns that still […]

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General Overview of Mediations in Texas Texas mediations involve mediators helping parties resolve disputed claims in many various areas of areas. Whether the issues deal with family, probate, insurance, or personal injury, or it’s related to basic civils cases involving contracts or real property, Texas mediators help resolve an infinite […]

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