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Dr. Barbara Sunderland Manousso

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Daniel Rainey

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Mac Pierre-Louis Videos

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Fran Brochstein Videos

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Thomas G. Giglione Videos

Thomas G. Giglione has over 20 years of working experience as a court-appointed commercial mediator, arbitrator, and mediation trainer.  He is the Vice Director of the VEMC Mediation Center in Hanoi, Vietnam. Read more below.  Thomas has mediated, arbitrated, and resolved a wide range of commercial cases including class action […]

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Sylvia Mayer Videos

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Brett Lovett Videos

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Tye Bourdony Videos

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Federico Vasoli Videos

About Federico Vasoli & dMTV Global Federico Vasoli is a cross-jurisdiction and cross-cultural lawyer. He is admitted to the Barof Milan and to the Malta’s Chamber of Advocates as a European Union lawyer and by theVietnamese Ministry of Justice as a foreign lawyer. He is the managing partner of the […]

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Mac & Natalia

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Mariana Tarzia Videos

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2020 Peacebuilding Community Award for Volunteerism

In spring 2020, when covid-19 shut everything down in Southeast Texas, including the ability to host in-person mediations, we went to work helping volunteer mediators at the Montgomery County Dispute Resolution Center. Our aim was to help them help their clients work on resolving pending legal disputes in a time […]

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Instant Mediations Internet Bar Certificate Seal

October 2020 E-Mediation Certification Course

The InstantMediations Academy is hosting an E-Mediation Certification Course with Daniel Rainey, of Holistic Solutions, Inc., which trains mediators in online mediations that leads to certification by While October’s course is fully booked, you can register for November’s course here. Each course lasts 4 weeks, and consists of self-paced […]

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E-signing Mediation Agreements & Best Practice Tips

This article is being published after the recent integration of the e-signature tool for mediators into After successfully negotiating a final settlement agreement between disputing parties, mediators find themselves needing to draft the settlement terms, and most of the time, needing to obtain the parties’ signatures beneath those terms. […]

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Instant Mediator Spotlight: Danielle Comeaux

Danielle Comeaux, a mediator at DANIELLE CLARKE COMEAUX, PC, and early adopter of InstantMediations, agreed to sit down and share her experiences mediating cases online. Danielle hosts multiple online mediations each week during the Coronavirus pandemic, and has become a go-to mediator for getting cases settled. Her insightful and candid […]

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May 2020 Mediation Tips by Fran

Mediator and Advisor Fran Brochstein, whose mediation experience spans decades, provides mediation tips to mediators and parties engaged in dispute resolution. She is based in Marble Falls, Texas and can mediate online with parties from anywhere. Contact her through her site at If you have any suggestions […]

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Do Mediators Still Need Office Space?

The traditional model of formal alternative dispute resolution required that mediators own or rent office space to meet parties and their legal representatives. In that model, a mediator might use their space containing a conference room and several caucus rooms for small group meetings. They might also rent shared space […]

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