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The Mind and Body in Conflict Resolution With Julia Morelli

Mediators, especially mediators who handle emotionally heavy cases, need to take care of themselves emotionally. A mediator cannot effectively help disputing parties facing difficulty, if they do not take care of themselves first. Little focus goes into mediator well-being. In this recording, Julia Morelli of explains the connection between […]

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Ombuds Organizacional

En este podcast conversamos sobre el rol del Ombuds Organizacional y su importancia dentro de distintos tipos de organizaciones, los principios en los que se basa para realizar su labor y cuáles son los beneficios de sus servicios. Míralo en YouTube

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Dispute Resolution Through Grassroots Mediation

This episode (catch on YouTube) features Thomas G. Giglione ( & and Hoa Thi Kim Nguyen, the Vice Director of the Hanoi-based Microfinance and Community Development Institute (MACDI – and their discussion with Mac Pierre-Louis ( & regarding the work they’re doing in Vietnam involving grassroots mediations. […]

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Getting Ready for a Pre-Suit Divorce Without Attorneys

Tye Bourdony of joins InstantMediations co-founder Natalia Olowska-Czajka, of, to discuss pre-suit considerations when thinking and planning for divorce, especially pre-suit mediation as a means to resolving the conflicts that inevitably occur in divorces; even divorces that start off as “uncontested”. Watch the YouTube version here

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Things Judges Consider in a Child Custody Case

Fran Brochstein of joins with Mac and Natalia of to cover some basic things they’ve seen judge consider when deciding custody cases. Parents sometimes find out the hard way that custody battles usually turn into which parent can present better evidence to make the other parent look more […]

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4 Common Types of Insurance Cases People Can Mediate With or Without Attorneys

Tye Bourdony of discusses 4 types of insurance cases that are frequently mediated, especially as encouraged by the Florida Department of Financial Services. Those are residential, automobile, commercial, and sinkhole cases. Some useful links are here: Automobile Mediations – Residential Property Mediations Commercial Residential Mediation Sinkhole […]

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