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Thomas G. Giglione Videos

Thomas G. Giglione has over 20 years of working experience as a court-appointed commercial mediator, arbitrator, and mediation trainer.  He is the Vice Director of the VEMC Mediation Center in Hanoi, Vietnam. Read more below.  Thomas has mediated, arbitrated, and resolved a wide range of commercial cases including class action […]

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Sylvia Mayer Videos

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Brett Lovett Videos

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Tye Bourdony Videos

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Federico Vasoli Videos

About Federico Vasoli & dMTV Global Federico Vasoli is a cross-jurisdiction and cross-cultural lawyer. He is admitted to the Barof Milan and to the Malta’s Chamber of Advocates as a European Union lawyer and by theVietnamese Ministry of Justice as a foreign lawyer. He is the managing partner of the […]

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What Happens When A Parent Wants to Relocate the Child?

Mediator Tye Bourdony of in the conversation with mediators Mac and Natalia of go into details of relocation. Geographic restriction is discussed as well as the possible travel arrangements together with modifications to the parenting plans or court orders. The video of the conversation is available on YouTube.

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Immigration and International Travel Concerns in Mediation

Mediator Tye Bourdony of with Mac and Natalia of on this YouTube episode to bring closer the issues which may arise in mediation when the cross-border topics are at stake: immigration status, international relocation, passports, international travel so as to decide on time share, parenting plans and court […]

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Mac & Natalia

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The Mind and Body in Conflict Resolution With Julia Morelli

Mediators, especially mediators who handle emotionally heavy cases, need to take care of themselves emotionally. A mediator cannot effectively help disputing parties facing difficulty, if they do not take care of themselves first. Little focus goes into mediator well-being. In this recording, Julia Morelli of explains the connection between […]

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Ombuds Organizacional

En este podcast conversamos sobre el rol del Ombuds Organizacional y su importancia dentro de distintos tipos de organizaciones, los principios en los que se basa para realizar su labor y cuáles son los beneficios de sus servicios. Míralo en YouTube

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Mariana Tarzia Videos

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