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When the Unexpected Happens at Mediation (Crazy Stories PART 2)

Tye Bourdony of chatted with InstantMediations’ Natalia and Mac of to discuss ways more unexpeted things that happen at mediation. Check out Part 1 here: Listen to the podcast or watch on YouTube or on Tye’s InstantMediations’ Channel page. Weird? Obscure? Creepy? Unexpected the least. Tye […]

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January 2021 Tips by Fran – New Year Reflections on Zoom Mediations After 2020

Mediator and Advisor Fran Brochstein, whose mediation experience spans decades, provides mediation tips to mediators and parties engaged in dispute resolution. She is based in Marble Falls, Texas and can mediate online with parties from anywhere. Contact her through her site at If you have any suggestions for future columns, […]

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