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Danielle Comeaux, a mediator at DANIELLE CLARKE COMEAUX, PC, and early adopter of InstantMediations, agreed to sit down and share her experiences mediating cases online. Danielle hosts multiple online mediations each week during the Coronavirus pandemic, and has become a go-to mediator for getting cases settled. Her insightful and candid responses below may be of [...]read moreInstant Mediator Spotlight: Danielle Comeaux
Mediation is aimed at bringing agreement into a conflict situation. The conflict situation often results from communication barriers. One of the most obvious communication barriers language.  How is it possible then to bring agreement into a situation where more than one language is involved  and where the communication barrier already exists? The common sense allows [...]read moreThe Mediator Mediating Across Different Languages – Some Precautions
The traditional model of formal alternative dispute resolution required that mediators own or rent office space to meet parties and their legal representatives. In that model, a mediator might use their space containing a conference room and several caucus rooms for small group meetings. They might also rent shared space among a group of mediators, [...]read moreDo Mediators Still Need Office Space?