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Pre-Suasion: A Revolutionary Way to Influence and Persuade – A Book Review With Bankruptcy Mediator Sylvia Mayer

Watch on YouTube: Sylvia Mayer of joins Mac Pierre-Louis and Natalia Olowska-Czajka of to discuss Robert Cialdini’s Pre-Suasion: A Revolutionary Way to Influence and Persuade. Sylvia is an avid reader and shares her takeaways from reading Pre-Suasion and how they apply to mediation and conflict resolution. Here is a link to an […]

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Similarities Between Family Divorces & Business Divorces With Sylvia Mayer

Watch on YouTube: Sylvia Mayer of joins Mac Pierre-Louis and Natalia Olowska-Czajka of to explore the differences and similarities between mediating family divorces (when a couple separate and need to divide up their property and, if children are involved, set a custody schedule) and business divorces (when owners of a small […]

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Crystall Ball – Predictions about Bankruptcy Mediation with Sylvia Mayer

Watch on YouTube: Sylvia Mayer of joins Mac Pierre-Louis and Natalia Olowska-Czajka of to look into the crystal ball and predict the direction of bankruptcy mediation in 2022. Mediation is used in bankruptcy cases in a variety of contexts, including disputed claims, challenges to discharge, avoidance actions, […]

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The App – What It Can Do For You With Kevin Dorsey

Kevin Dorsey, of joined with Natalia Olowska-Czajka and Mac Pierre-Louis to discuss what the app can do for parents, attorneys, judges, mediators, parenting coordinators, or amici. This tool allows co-parents to connect in a way that protects against miscommunication, he-said/she-said, and fights over admissibility of evidence. Watch on YouTube: […]

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Anatomy of a Mediator Commercial; A Conversation with Mediator Joseph George

Joseph George of, based in Jacksonville, Florida joins Mac Pierre-Louis and Natalia Olowska-Czajka, co-founders of to discuss video marketing of ADR practices. In this episode we go through Joseph’s discoveries and experiences in this field and discuss 3 of his dispute resolution videos used to market his ADR […]

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Natalie Armstrong-Motin of joined Sylvia Mayer of, and Mac & Natalia of, to talk mediator marketing strategies that really work and business basics of successful practices. The discussion centered on the foundational pieces mediators need, including the five marketing activities that have proven most effective for successful […]

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Dr. Bernie Mayer, professor emeritus of Dispute Resolution of The Werner Institute at Creighton University, spoke with Dr. Barbara Sunderland Manousso of, together with Mac-Arthur Pierre-Louis and Natalia Ołowska-Czajka of, to discuss the themes in his book The Neutrality Trap: Disrupting and Connecting for Social Change. Co-written by […]

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Are Mediators “Neutral”?

Professor Daniel Rainey of in conversation with Mac and Natalia of about the trap of what neutrality of a mediator can be. Dan explains what this trap is about and shows what the mediators are to actually be doing to ensure the parties are heard, feel safe and […]

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Mediation and the Communication Model

Professor Daniel Rainey of in a dialogue with Mac and Natalia of presenting how communication process is being empowered in mediation, and especially when it happens online. Dan explains the role of the environment and the perceptual filters and how they can cloud the communication if the mediator […]

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Things to Consider When Mediating 50/50 Custody PART 2

Fran Brochstein of continued the discussion with InstantMediations’ Natalia and Mac of the truths and myths surrounding so-called 50-50 custody over children and dealing with it at mediation. Listen to the podcast or watch on YouTube or on Fran’s InstantMediations’ Channel page.

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