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Natalia Ołowska-Czajka 


Hello and welcome! 

The idea to set up this community was to enable the mediators to share experiences, ask questions, clear out doubts, set up standards, look for co-mediators, deepen knowledge, spread information on events and trainings, which are to happen or they would be interested in participating, make people aware of good practices and… much more! 

We want to focus on  mediation with all its aspects. 

Come on, have a look and join us in here!

It is all about the mediation and us the mediators!


Mac Pierre-Louis

Breakout Caucus Rooms in Online Mediations -How to

A how-to video on scheduling breakout rooms for caucus style mediations in online mediations, particularly for mediators using the InstantMediations platform…

Based on the demand for this topic, we launched a YouTube video that walks you through setting up and using the virtual caucus rooms in an online mediation. The first 3 seconds of this video should fall off in the next few hours. Enjoy and reshare.



see the video on caucus rooms