Conflict Resulting from Traveling Restrictions & Immigration With Federico Vasoli

Federico Vasoli of joined Mac and Natalia of to discuss what could be seen as trends in traveling restrictions and immigration and solutions, which were found to remedy it worldwide. Federico compares the approach to the pandemic between the Western one and Asian one. The Western approach was to try and reopen everything whenever the situation seems calmer, such as during the summertime of 2020, which was probably the main reason why winter 2020 was disastrous health-wise. The Asian approach was much more prudent and essentially has not changed that much since the first outbreaks, although evidently there have been significant differences between countries and significant differences in the implementation of measures from time to time. Watch and listen to how business people and everyday people alike sought ways to resolve these sorts of conflicts and find optimal solutions to allow them to travel or even relocate to places they deemed necessary for their lives and businesses, bearing in mind that travel restrictions impacted personal and corporate taxes, too. Watch and see how new programs, such as the various digital nomad visas, have sprung and have given the possibility to people with certain qualifications to spend time typically in tax friendly jurisdictions without worrying about the duration of their stay and how secondary passport programs have also seen a surge in applications.

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