Start MediationOnline Via Zoom

Mediation In The Times of Pandemic

Tech tips to help you succeed in your online mediation. Also learn the best practice and security tips that help ensure an efficient settlement.

Learn how to join and participate in your online mediation.

Family law dispute resolution is different from most other types of mediations. Here are tips for getting the most out of your next online mediation.

Hosted by Instant Mediations and prepared and taught by Daniel Rainey of Holistic Solutions, Inc. This course will help satisfy the minimum standards necessary to be being deemed certified by the Internet Bar to host online e-mediations. 

A free video-based crash course on mediating online. Based on the ebook published 2020.

Krótki autorski przewodnik po mediacji online na platformie Zoom, razem z tekstem eBooka.

Led by Larry Bridgesmith and Daniel Rainey, this four-week experimental course designed to introduce affordable and accessible technology to the practice of professional service providers in any industry.