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In this new world of online mediation, now any credentialed mediator can get listed on this site and be found online by clients and attorneys who need help resolving their dispute. Simply signup and register your business, or upgrade to enjoy more benefits like online scheduling, payment, and e-signing.

Why join InstantMediations? Because it solves your online mediation practice needs.

How it Works for Mediators

Get your free Mediator Profile Page listed on the InstantMediations map for easy discoverability by potential mediation parties and attorneys.

End time-consuming phone and email-based scheduling. Allow parties to review your availability and book mediation with you at their convenience from your Mediator Profile Page with the optional booking embed or link upgrade.

In addition to accepting in-person, phone, or website payments, easily collect electronic payments through your InstantMediations Mediator Profile Page by upgrading to embed or link your online payments tool of choice for easy customer access.

At your parties’ scheduled mediation time, meet them online using Zoom or your tool of choice. Quickly begin Zoom sessions using the Start Mediation button on your Mediator Profile Page and sign in to your mediator’s account.

Upon reaching a successful agreement, send e-signature requests to parties, or upgrade to utilize the DocHub powered InstantMediations e-signature portal to quickly obtain secure electronic signatures in minutes.

Integrated With Today's Important Services.

In addition to free Mediator Profile Pages that help mediators get found, booked, paid, mediating, and e-signed, IM Basic users enjoy free access to the following IM Services. Upgrade to Pro, Premium, and Complete Memberships below to experience how IM can help you grow your online mediation practice.

Now anyone (not just IM mediators) can start their Zoom mediation session in seconds. Upgrade to access your IM Zoom license to access the portal.

Learn with mediator trainers, get credentialed with e-mediation certification, and discuss and grow with mediator colleagues. Upgrade for discounts on training courses.

Access a growing list of free mediator documents. Upgrade for exclusives and unlimited e-signature requests.

Network with mediators around the world on best practices in online mediations.

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Featured Mediator FAQs

A list of frequently asked questions to help you understand how InstantMediations operates.

What is InstantMediations NOT? is NOT a law firm, nor is it a single mediation company with mediator employees. It is a service, specifically a brand service owned and operated by Instant Mediations, LLC, which helps independent mediators around the world connect with clients seeking mediators online who handle online mediations. Independent mediators can be seen as affiliated with InstantMediations, but InstantMediations does not involve itself  with any particular mediator’s independent business or their mediator fees. InstantMediations simply offers a monthly service fee for independent mediators to use its platform and be featured on its website.

How do I get tech support if I have an issue with the IM sites or billing?

If you are experiencing difficulties, please contact us at for technical questions or to report website errors.

Can I use my InstantMediations Zoom account for other non-mediation meetings?

IM mediators encourages mediators to utilize their IM Zoom license for its intended purpose, to offer online mediations to parties. However, because the Zoom license allows for unlimited video meetings, IM management understands the desire of IM mediators to fully use the data streaming tool they are paying for. Thus, IM’s official position is that IM affiliated mediators can utilize their Zoom license as they wish, but they remain fully responsible for the actions stemming from any and all communications done under their Zoom license.

Who owns InstantMediations?

IM is owned and operated by Instant Mediations, LLC, a Texas company, which is in turn owned by Mac Pierre-Louis and Natalia Olowska-Czajka.

Does InstantMediations touch my mediation fees?

NO! IM’s business model does not involve touching mediators’ fees. What a mediator chooses to charge for mediations remains between them and their mediation clients. IM only charges monthly subscription fees and optional one-time add-ons.

Do I need to have a physical office to meet clients in-person?

No. In fact, you might not really have a physical office at all, as long as you mediate online ensuring that the conditions around you are suitable for mediation and decent to ensure its quality and positive experience to the parties. Most online mediators, however, combine both: mediate online and in-person at an office. You can hold your mediations physically in offices belonging to other people or rent mediation rooms per hours. You might find it appropriate for you to offer flexibility to your clients and adapt to the requirements of a particular mediation, offering hybrid mediations, too, e.g. when one party to a mediation is local and can visit the mediator in-person, while the other party is remote and appears by video.

Can I count on a one-to-one training session?

We pay special attention to the level of competency of people who are with us on this website as mediators. Therefore if there is a need for training on the tools we offer or explaining any features, please do not hesitate to contact us either at or Within the Instant Mediations Academy we will also be having the courses with one-to-one training sessions engaging best specialists on ODR and ADR from all over the globe.  Check out the Instant Mediation Academy to see what training can suit you best.

I want to have parties sign my finished mediation agreement document electronically. How can I do that?

IM offers interested online mediators the ability to use for e-signatures during online mediations. Mediators are free to provide their own licensed tool to obtain e-signatures from clients. Many other 3rd party tools exists on the market, such as Docusign, Adobe Sign, and Signnow, etc. Some signature tools easily integrate with Zoom, some do not. Some are HIPAA compliant, some are not. The mediator should select the tool that best works for their office.

What if I want to cancel the Featured Mediator account and stop paying?

While we will be sorry to see you go, you may end your account with us at any time. Note we do not give prorated refunds for unsused portions of your final month. Please cancel ahead of your next recurring billing transaction. Simply visit your account and to cancel.

Do I have a duty to report criminal, unsafe, or discriminatory acts by any party at an InstantMediations mediation to InstantMediations?

Most jurisdictions around the world require certain licensed individuals to report abuse, especially abuse of children and the elderly. IM takes these duties seriously and will expect mediators using the IM platform to promptly alert the authorities. When the authorities are alerted by IM end-users, the end-user has a duty to inform IM. Informant emails should be sent to and will be kept in confidence subject to statutory regulations. Additionally, IM will not tolerate threatening or illegal conduct being performed on its platform. All IM end-users have a duty to alert IM, so IM may better help protect against risk and harm.

How does Featured Mediator recurring billing work?

Featured Mediators begin their service by paying the monthly service fee with a credit/debit card, which will be rebilled each month until terminated by the mediator. The billing is month-to-month, and at this time no yearly prepayment option is available. IM monthly rates may change anytime with at least 60 days advanced notice to existing users.

Can you help me put a bio video on my profile page?

Yes. Mediator members of IM have the option to include a 2-4 minute biographical YouTube video on their Mediator Profile Page. The mediator may send a link to the YouTube video on their IM Profile Page Questionnaire and IM staff will place the video on the mediator’s Profile Page. If the mediator needs IM’s help to create a video, then IM staff will consult with the mediator for a fee on how the mediator can shoot the video from their location and electronically submit the raw video to IM. IM will edit the video, upload it to its YouTube channel, and install the video on the mediator’s Profile Page.

What kind of training can I expect?

Instant Mediations is proud to lead its own Instant Mediations Academy, cooperating with the best specialists from all over the world in mediations in particular and ODR in general. As an Instant Mediations member, you will be notified of all courses and as under a Complete paid option you will get discounts on those trainings. You can also inspire us if you consider a particular issue particularly interesting and you want to know more or think this of importance to deepen the knowledge of it.

What if I need my profile page shown in a specific language?

IM will translate your Mediator Profile Page  into a foreign language through a translator for a $50 fee. Simply email IM via and alert us that you need this service.

Can I record my mediations?

Mediators may record their mediations only upon getting written consent by all parties to the mediation. Most jurisdictions require mediations to be confidential, thus making recording a mediation a risky proposition. Again, please get consent before recording a mediation.

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Instant Mediations aims to be your full online suite to help in capturing potential clients, getting booked and paid, mediating online, and quickly obtaining e-signatures on agreement.