Introducing Instant Mediations Scheduling – Automate Your Online Mediation Practice

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We’re proud to announce the launch of Instant Mediations Scheduling, a pilot project meant to connect online mediators with their online parties quickly by simplifying online mediation scheduling. Online mediators on the IM Map are invited to tryout the IM Scheduling for free during its pilot. Just email your interest to to get started.

We’ve previously discussed using online booking calendars before on the Instant Mediations Podcast YouTube Show. We recommended using online scheduling tools like availability calendars (like Calendly, Acuity, and Square) for the ways they save time and help get disputing parties to the negotiation table in hours or days, rather than weeks or months. Online mediators that leverage automated calendaring (and manage it well), create value for their customers by saving parties time and giving them early opportunities to resolve stressful disputes. Parties and lawyers in conflict have enough to worry about. Adding to their to-do lists hours of back-and-forth emails or phone calls just to book an online mediation appointment is pointless.

IM Scheduling is focused on finally doing online mediation scheduling right. Many mediators shy away from trying online scheduling tools because of risks like being double booked. Or they fear letting random strangers have the ability to schedule events on to their personal calendars. For the mediators who have attempted online scheduling, far too many misconfigure their availability, or do not properly synchronize their personal calendars, leaving them exposed to erroneous bookings at improper times. Mismanaging an online scheduling tool can backfire to waste precious time. With IM Scheduling, we apply some common sense to powerful booking technology, that if managed right, can return hours back each week to a mediator’s schedule.

Take a look at this thorough introduction video (1hour 15min), which explains in greater detail how individual mediator availability calendars work within IM’s “Global Calendar,” and how synchronizing with personal calendars can help free you from being tied at the hip to your booking calendar.

Thank you to all those online mediators who have begun the process with us of transforming online mediation booking for the better. There is much more to come out of this project, including future announcements on prices, the expansion of specific jurisdictions, and trainings through the Instant Mediations Academy.

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