Family, Civil, Business, & International Mediations

Turn family discord into dialogue

Online mediation gives individuals who find themselves in inter-family conflicts the tools they need to help resolve their disputes outside of court. Common legal actions such as divorce disagreements, arguments over alimony, or child custody and support contests can be debated in secure private video rooms with third party neutrals experienced in helping parties reach compromise.

Decide divorce outcomes

Online mediation empowers parties to determine what they will accept or reject in settlement negotiations, rather than taking risks in court on how their children and property will be divided.

Customize custody arrangements

Sensitive childcare issues may often be better addressed by disagreeing but loving parents, rather than by judges who may never meet the children. From adoption of children to termination of custody rights, online mediation can help parents and officials connect privately through neutrals to resolve matters involving kids.

Ensure privacy from litigation

The out of court nature of mediations lets spouses and parents jointly minimize their public exposure, providing the option to resolve family disputes secretly and confidentially.

Civil Alternative Dispute Resolution

Online mediations can help parties involved in almost any civil complaint address their disagreement in an online forum. With mediation being binding on the parties, settlement agreements entered into in mediation can have the same authority as judicial decrees, but for a fraction of the legal cost..

Property Suits Mediation

Address real estate disputes online, such as partitions, landlord-tenant claims, and title disputes.