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Welcome to BHCRS.

Welcome to BH Conflict Resolution Services. My name is Bobby Huen and I have a PhD in Conflict Analysis and Resolution.
I started this business to provide a variety of services with a common goal: to resolve conflicts of all types and help you achieve peace of mind. Whether you are seeking a mediator for civil litigation or help resolving your personal conflicts, I am here to provide assistance.


I provide a range of conflict resolution services, from professional mediation to personal coaching:
Civil Circuit Mediation: 
As a certified civil mediator in the state of Florida, I can help two litigating parties come to an agreement, either before the suit is filed or as mandated by the court system. I aim to provide impartial and fair guidance with the goal of arriving at a resolution that is satisfactory to both parties.
Divorce and Family Mediation:
Dissolving a Marriage is a terrible event. However, it does not have to be prolonged, expensive or hostile. As a certified family mediator in Florida, i can guide both parties towards a divorce and family settlement plan that is fair and impartial.
Private Mediation and Arbitration: 
Lawsuits are expensive, and they can take a long time to resolve. As an expert in conflict resolution and a certified mediator, I can bring my expertise to resolve conflicts before litigation become an option. From landlord-tenant disputes to business-related conflicts, I provide a cost-efficient and expeditious alternative to resolve disputes.
Mediator for Home Owner Associations and Property Managers: 
South Florida is home to many home owners associations for planned communities and condominiums, and it is my experience as someone who has lived in Florida for more than a decade that conflicts often happen between residents or between residents and the HOA. Instead of going through the costly process of litigation, I offer mediation services to HOAs on either a case-by-case basis or a long term contract. With the latter, I provide ongoing dispute resolution service contracts to home owner associations and property management companies as their in-house mediator. As a non-resident, I can help resolve conflicts in a fair and impartial manner.
Mediator for Business: 
America is powered by small business, and when disputes happen between members of a small team, sometimes it is difficult to foster a harmonious working environment. This service provides neutral and impartial dispute resolution services between your team members as well as optional training to improve communication.
Conflict Resolution Coaching and Counseling: 
Conflicts are inevitable in life, and knowing how to actively acknowledge and resolve these conflicts are key in achieving peace of mind. Conflict Resolution coaching and counseling can help individuals, couples and groups to equip themselves with the necessary skills to successfully resolve conflicts.
Reputation Preservation Training: 
We are human, and therefore we make mistakes. However, we now live in the age of social media and these mistakes can lead to problems that can severely impact our personal and professional reputation. This service provides training for individuals and teams alike to proactively monitor social media presence, preserve personal privacy, and safeguard reputation.
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Thank you,
Bobby Huen, PhD

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