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Danette Ross Watson

About Me

Founder and president of Solomon’s Way ADR Services, Danette has practiced in the field of ADR for nearly 25 years. Most recently she founded and serves as the Executive Director of the West Texas Community Mediation Center in Big Spring, Howard County, Texas.

  • a Credentialed Distinguished Mediator with TMCA and the Outreach Chair for TAM in the State of Texas.
  • experienced in ADR: mental health care, mediation, conflict management, EEO, public policy and facilitation.
  • provides conflict management services and mediation to several agencies in Texas and the federal sector as an independent contractor; including, but not limited to: providing workshops, seminars, and educational presentations for various organizations and agencies around the country to promote awareness of the conflict resolution field through engaging, quality instruction with intense interaction and role play.
  • is trained and offers biblical conciliation services to assist individuals, congregations, and church administrators in managing conflict and restoring relationships through biblical processes, practical skills and tools foundational to Biblical peacemaking.
  • serves as a certified mediator assessor for MCDR’s Certification Committee; a court-appointed family and adoption mediator for several counties in Maryland, West Virginia, and Texas; and as a mediator for the USPS REDRESS program, and other federal agencies.
  • committed to supporting the needs of the community by providing individualized and group facilitation services for families in conflict, including family/domestic violence and anger management.  In cooperation with Howard College Continuing Education/Community Relations; and by referral of the 118th District Court Adult and Juvenile Probation and the Parole Divisions representing Howard, and surrounding counties in West Texas; community agencies and CPS. Through Solomon’s Way she is able to offer a variety of SNS including, but not limited to: mediation, adult life skills training and other family support services as referred by case or social workers.

My Procedures & Polices

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