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About Me

Giuseppe Leone is a professional mediator expert in online mediation via Zoom. He
became interested in online mediation in 1999 – first by email, then by phone, and
finally by video.
From 2010 to 2013 he organized and ran hundreds of online mediation simulations via
Skype with mediators from 30 countries, to help them practice and improve their
mediation skills online with other mediators. Sponsored by the Association for Conflict
Resolution Hawaii Chapter, that project drew national and International attention from
the ADR and ODR community. And it also convinced him that the success of an online
mediation depends mainly on the mediator’s skills and experience.
In 2013 Giuseppe learned about Zoom, was impressed by its excellent video and audio
quality, and therefore he has been using it for online mediation ever since.
With Zoom, in 2014 he ran the first online mediation for the United States Postal Service
REDRESS mediation program, with parties in Guam and a USPS EEO observer in
California – respectively 4,000 and 2,500 miles away from Hawaii, where he lives.
In 2014 his experience in online mediation was featured as Case Study on the Zoom
From 2016 to 2018 Giuseppe participated in a 2-year online mediation project funded by
the JAMS Foundation. Called Online Peer Mediation Program, its goal was to show how
high-school and college students can not only learn and practice peer mediation skills
online; they can also deliver online peer mediation services to schools across the
country that don’t have a peer mediation program.
Since 2016 Giuseppe has been training experienced mediators in the USA and Europe
“How to Master Online Mediation via Zoom”. One-on-one and hands-on, they learn how
to be 100% ready and prepared to run an online mediation with their clients – with calm
and confidence.
In May 2020 he created a new LinkedIn Group – Online Mediation via Zoom – Learn
More, Practice, Share – a platform for online mediators from around the world to share
tips, best practices, lessons learned, and success stories related to their experience
with Zoom.

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