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Jeff Arresty

About Me

Jeff Aresty is an international business and e-commerce lawyer with 35 years of experience in online dispute resolution, mediation, overseas sales, and establishment of stock participants for high technology and international trading enterprises. Other areas of practice include international cyberlaw, real estate, and alternative dispute resolution.

Jeff is a leading expert in online dispute resolution and the use of technology in law. He pioneered some of the first courses on e-law techniques as an initiator of the Massachusetts Bar Association Computer College in 1985 and has written about the topic for over 30 years. Jeff has also served as reporter for the eLawyering Task Force of the American Bar Association’s Law Practice Management Section (LPM) and as co-chair of the ABA International Commercial Negotiations Task Force and the ABA International Law Section’s Information Services, Technology, and Data Protection Committee.

Jeff is committed to promoting human rights through the use of technology and emerging online justice systems, and he founded, Inc, in April of 2005. The Internet Bar Organization is a virtual bar association dedicated to empowering communities around the world using technology, communication, and innovative social and economic justice initiatives.

Jeff is the President of Aresty International Law Offices, Inc, a Boston, Massachusetts law firm advising clients interested in U.S. and international business opportunities. The firm specializes in international legal systems and U.S. and foreign business laws and customs and works through an international network of contacts in business, law, and other areas of technical expertise. AILO also provides estate planning services, with emphasis on physicians and other medical professionals.

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