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Judy Wells

About Me

Judy Wells is an experienced mediator with decades of experience. She has helped resolve differences between parties by helping each to feel heard and then helping the parties find common ground from which an agreement can be forged. She works well with parties who have attorneys as well as with parties that forego legal representation. (She always encourages attorney involvement.)

Judy’s experience is that when two people come together in anger and frustration, they often compound their problems rather than resolve them. She is a natural peacemaker who works to help individuals who are angry understand the other party. She often sees unique solutions that help both parties get what they really want. This gives her great satisfaction and is her mission in life.

Judy helps resolve disputes in:

Family Conflicts: Divorce, Child Custody, Divorce Modifications, Wills and Probate.

Civil Cases: Landlord/Tenant disputes, Evictions, Retail Matters and Commercial Business Concerns.

Human Resources: Employee Conflicts, Disputes Between Employee and Employer, Termination Conflict.

Professional Memberships:

Texas Association of Mediators

Texas Mediation Credentialing Association

International Bullying Prevention Association

BYU Management Society (Women in Business)

Community Involvement

Volunteer Mediator with Houston Dispute Resolution Center

Fort Bend County Dispute Resolution Center

Central Brazos Valley Dispute Resolution Center

Church Youth Group Leader (inner city youth)

Helping Hands

Positions of Distinction and Designations

Board Member (three years) Northern Nevada Literacy Council

Co-chair (two years) Odyssey Charter School

Board Member (nine years) Odyssey Charter School

Board Member (two years) Safe Communities Task Force

Director (2 years) Wilton, Connecticut District Parent Task Force

Certifications: Texas and Utah Basic Certificates, Advanced Family Certificate, Domestic Violence Certificate, CPS, Child Education Advocate

My Procedures & Polices

Please contact my office for my procedures and policies.

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