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About Me


I am an 11-year attorney practicing law with extensive courtroom experience and a tested mediator passionate about help clients resolve their disputes outside of court. Having worked with the Texas Office of the Attorney General Child Support Division, I’ve touched thousands of support-related cases and work to help mediation clients settle disputes involving child custody and support.

Areas of Practice

-Family Law
divorce and separation
child and spousal support
-International Family Law
-Civil Disputes


-Texas Civil Mediator Training Certificate;
-Texas Family Mediator Training Certificate;
-Florida Family Mediator Training Certificate (not yet credentialed);
-Member, Texas Association of Mediators;
-Member, Association for Conflict Resolution Houston Chapter

My Procedures & Polices

My Procedures

Thanks for your interest in mediating with me. The following are the steps needed to begin your mediation:

Visit my Book Mediation & Pay Tab with your opponent and select the appropriate mediation session on an agreed date and time convenient for all parties. Reserve by submitting the required parties’ information and await confirmation letters by email once my office obtains your opponent’s approval.

OR, contact my office by telephone or e-mail, and have a member of my staff manually book your session and send out confirmation letters after we obtain your opponent’s approval.

You will receive my Confirmation Letter and an Agreement to Mediate Letter, which will need to be signed and sent back to me, or e-signed at the beginning of the mediation.

At least 24-hours prior to commencing the mediation, each party should visit my Book Mediation & Pay Tab and click View Products/Packages to pay with major credit or debit card.

At the date and time of the mediation, visit, click Start Mediation, and enter your Meeting ID & Password to begin your session, and enter the Waiting Room.

My Policies

Online mediation sessions are private for the parties, their attorneys, and their AGREED-UPON guests. Do not appear with other friends or family members without prior approval. 

The parties and their attorneys must attend the mediation session. I cannot accept agents or proxies for participants. 

Mediation participants should appear from a private location, free from distractions, and if necessary, should wear headphones so nearby individuals cannot listen in on the mediation conversation.

Mediation participants should be prepared to remain online until a settlement agreement is reached or until the mediator declares an impasse. Consequently, participants are advised to be near strong WiFi and utilize a computer (preferred) or smartphone with all-day electric power. Have snacks and drinks nearby in case you get hungry.

There will be no toleration of abusive, threatening, or criminal conduct during the mediation.

If you are a party seeking a mediation, please agree on a mediation session and date/time with the opposing party, and book it on the calendar below. Please be sure to include in the “Appointment notes” box the names, emails,  and phones numbers of all official parties to the mediation, as we must confirm the opposing party’s agreement to mediate. Once confirmed, we will email all parties an official mediation confirmation letter. Thank you.

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