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Pattie J. Nolan

About Me

About Me

A practicing lawyer since 2004 and a fully trained mediator in general and family mediation since 2016, I have conducted and participated in hundreds of mediations, both pro bono and paid, in the areas of general civil litigation, family law , and business law. With every mediation I conduct, my love for mediation grows. I truly believe that mediation can take almost any dispute, big or small, complicated or simple, and create a settlement agreement about which all affected parties can feel satisfied. I look forward to working hard to settle your dispute. Contact me below to schedule your mediation today!

Areas of Practice

• Non-Legal Mediation: Disputes – Disagreements with neighbors, friends, relatives, workplace conflicts • Family Law Mediation: Separation, Prenuptial, Postnuptial, Divorce, Property Division, Temporary Orders, Modifications, Suit Affecting Parent Child Relationship, Custody Disputes, Grandparent Access, Child Support, Child Protective Services (CPS) • Probate Mediations: Will disputes, Guardianship • Business Law Mediation: Breach of Contract, Defective Products, Intellectual Property, Texas Deceptive Trade Practice Act • Real Estate Mediation: Construction, Landlord / Tenant, Real Estate • Personal Injury Mediation: Workplace Injury, Vehicle Accidents, Personal Injury • Insurance Claims Mediation: Auto accidents, personal property damage/loss •Civil Litigation Mediation: General Civil, Merchant / Consumer •Employment Law Mediations: Employer / Employee disputes


-Texas Civil Mediator Training Certificate

-Texas Family Mediator Training Certificate

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