Why to Mediate Online in a Family Case

While it is mostly known amongst lawyers and their clients why mediation in general is being recommended, there are some features that make the mediation online in family cases really special.

So on top of what is usually given as examples why mediation in family cases is so reputable, namely that it is: cost effective, time effective, enables to ensure privacy and promotes made-to-measure solutions, please know that there are even more benefits if you do the same mediation online!

You might ask yourself how it is possible. All the above benefits are enough to give the mediation a try, but… Look at that!

  1. mediation online is not only quick, it’s even quicker! just think that instead of travelling to a distant place, pay the costs of the journey, find a parking lot and pay for it, you do your mediation without driving, parking and all of it. See: if done online the mediation is easier to schedule, quicker to take place and saves energy and costs!
  2. more efficient – choosing the mediator from amongst those, who not only possess the mediation skills but can also help manage the electronic means and electronic documents with electronic signature, helps process any documents, and the mediation agreement in particular,  faster!
  3. it enables you to handle the mediation in a friendly environment, in a place which you choose for yourself or agree with your lawyer. It can be a place which you already know and which does not intimidate you. You can even be accompanied by your favourite pet!
  4. since family law issues are almost 100% sure to be the most important in your entire life, you are guaranteed not to be free from emotions. Also those negative or abrupt ones! Doing the mediation online gives you a chance not to suffer through those emotions so much for a few reasons: the one above in point 3, but also the fact that you are not being present face to face with the persons that get on your nerves… there is a glass/electronic media barrier between you… The communication and therefore resolving the complex matters is therefore easier and smoother.
  5. it can help overcome the barrier of time and space. In today’s world plenty of family issues involve cross-border if not cross-continent aspects… To synchronise such a mediation takes time and effort. When done online all of it can be forgotten – the mediation just takes place as if you were in the same time zone, in the same climate and within the same territory.

Family case with its complexity and emotions involved is particularly appropriate to be settled on line. With an appropriate mediator and appropriate tool it will save you stress, sleepless nights and words which you would rather not hear nor say.

In addition to being a international family law attorney, I am a Polish and Florida Supreme Court Certified Family mediator and Co-Founder of InstantMediations.com with a passion for technology and teaching.